Improving as a MM hunter

I was hoping to get some feedback on my play style/rotation as a hunter. I only recently started to not be dead last on the DPS meters and I think its because of getting a lot more mastery gear and reading @Swol 's post on optimizing hunter rotation. Any constructive criticism would be helpful to improve DPS.

Current Gear:’ganis/kajigger
Logs from today:


What I do to see where I can improve is to import myself from a WCL fight which the simulator has a script for, in this case we’ll have to go with the closest thing as you did normal.
The gearing strategies are based off Garothi as there’s a sim script for heroic Garothi, so lets import it there and see how we go.

From the AMR homepage up the top right is a menu, choose Simulator > Run a Simulation.
On the page it takes you to there’s an option to IMPORT FROM LOG. choose your realm and then paste the URL of your character from the Garothi WCL.
To get that choose the Garothi fight, then click yourself in the DPS window. It will take you to this link if you did it correctly. In the top of your browser window it’s the URL in the address bar (area you can type in which isn’t search), what it’s called varies with local parlance or which browser you’re using.

Choose Garothi from the Boss/Script window.
At this point you could just press simulate but for extra accuracy you can expand the More Options section.

This is the result of that sim, or you’ve got your own version if you followed the instructions.

What I do from there is have the simulator result one one half of my screen and the WCL report on the other.
You can compare damage breakdown, ability usage, DoT uptime, etc.

There’s a lot you can analyse. There are also some websites which will automate some of the analysis for you, more tools for you to improve with.

Beware though. you can spend hours doing it, I know as I did it myself when I was trying to work out what I was doing wrong.

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Varimathras normal is a good fight to compare your log to a simulation, since it is literally tank and spank with almost zero movement.

Here is a simulation (I used the Import from Log to match gear/fight length):

You are missing quite a few spell casts, which makes me wonder if your raid team is moving around way too much on this fight. You should only have to move a few yards when he puts the puddles on the ground, and that’s it.

I see many instances where you cast Windburst, Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot, Marked Shot. You shouldn’t be casting that Marked Shot while vulnerable is up - you should be able to cast an Aimed Shot at that point I would think.

I also saw a few places where you cast Marked Shot followed by 3 Arcane Shot. You should always have enough focus to cast Marked Shot, Arcane Shot, Aimed Shot.

It’s all about squeezing more Aimed Shots into the vulnerable window.

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