In-game add-on control

I wonder if it’s possible to implement a way to control what set-ups the are seen in-game, that do not appear anywhere else in the AMR workings?

My Prot Warrior has a set-up in her drop down list (ONLY in-game) that the rest of AMR is ‘refusing (?)’ to acknowledge & that cannot be got rid of without laborious workarounds in WTF files.

Is there a way to add delete option to the Gear setup drop-down list as part of the add-ons core functionality, please?

I can probably add at least a text command to remove a specific setup from the list.

That would be beyond awesome; thank you, in advance.

I added a slash command in version 107 of the addon to delete a setup using its 1-based index, e.g. if you look in the dropdown list on the Gear tab of the in-game addon, and you want to delete the 7th setup from the top, you would do:

/amr del 7

Note that this cannot be undone. If you delete one of your Best in Bags setups though, don’t worry – importing again from the website will recreate it.

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