Incandescent Silver

Hi there, Mr Robot is suggesting that the biggest upgrade for my Holy Paladin is the Incandescent Silver trinket. Which I am sure is a very good trinket due to the stats it provides - however the play style it encourages of standing away from other players I particularly don’t like as a Holy Pally. I’m not sure if there is a special way this is being simmed but since there is no equivalent trinket for melee and that’s where I’d be standing it sounds like I’d never be able to get the buff rolling.

Does the sim take into account the fact holy pallys will be stacked with melee and regardless is there a way I can blacklist the item so it doesn’t get taken into account with bonus roll suggestions? I know I can remove it from best in slot lists but not the upgrade finder that I can see.

Thanks :slight_smile:

We don’t have a way to hide items from the Upgrade Finder right now, but that is something we’d consider adding - I could see folks making use of that feature.

You are correct that we use a totally optimistic ranking for that item, since we want people to know how good it could be if you keep the buff up.

Thanks for explaining! Would making the item less desirable for melee casters be an option? Our other Pally healer tried it out the other night and could hardly keep a single stack of it!

Yeah, I mean, we could make it basically worthless for holy paladin or monk with fistweaving talents… I’d have to see how hard that would be for us to handle internally.