Incoming changes for Multiple Best In Bags

Hi there,

Just wanted to check if there is an update coming for exporting multiple best in bags setups for specs?

It’s going to be pretty important with the azerite reforging system and having separate sets to switch between M+ and raiding - not to mention something I am super excited about!

While I’m being cheeky I wanted to check if I could suggest a system where AMR could tell you what loot spec to choose to get the biggest upgrade - say im Holy > Ret > Prot but loads of good ret gear drops from the boss and there aren’t any good holy upgrades then it could recommend what specialization to pick on a boss by boss basis.

Anyways love what you’re doing :slight_smile:


Don’t worry about the first part, i went reading and it seems to be a topic that people keep bringing up!

We’ve had a lot of requests for some cross-spec analysis/gear finding. Seems like switching between specs is just a lot more viable/common in BfA so far because of the removal of the legendary items.

Right now we’re collecting all the feedback and we’ll see what other features we can add! (After we hammer out all the details of the actual gear rankings, of course)

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I’m very interested in this too. One key thing I’d like to see in such a system a way to tell AMR to use each item “to its fullest ability.” What I mean is, say I get a ring with crit and haste, and these are the stats needed by my “lowest priority” spec. My feeling is rather than try to twist that into a good ring for my “highest priority” spec, which it will never be, I’d rather see AMR optimize it for the spec it could be great for. For example the enchant on it should probably be either crit or haste.

All this goes tripple for Azerite gear. If I get a piece of gear where the spec-specific traits break down as 1 great and 2 mediocre, Mr. Robot should use that gear for the spec that matches the great trait.

And for the love of god - please work with Pawn so you an export weights for all 3 specs at once. Having to manually re-optimize and copy/paste 3 times each time I get a piece of gear usually ends up meaning I just don’t do it at all.

One more related note: right now one thing I do for every boss fight I start is quickly call up the loot table for that boss and figure out which loot spec I should be in to optimize my chances of getting the biggest upgrade (for any spec) from that boss. It’d be great if AMR could just tell me or even better just switch me automatically.

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That was, i think, what I was trying to say :slight_smile: Just much more eloquently!

Pawn can’t import multiple scales at once.

That’s the “work with Pawn” part (as in, literally work with the developer, not be compatible with.) The Pawn developer is awesome and if she doesn’t want to code it herself, I bet she’d accept a patch from the AMR team.

The thing is, there are a number of issues with the pawn method of measuring gear however I am sure that it could be something amr could look into doing. Just on the tooltip saying if amr thinks the gear would be an upgrade by their standards

tl;dr ASMR includes a better pawn alternative - removing the need to use the site after every piece of gear

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