Incorrect Corruption calculations

I keep getting BIB configurations that produce more net corruption than I set as my max acceptable corruption (39). Sometimes I get 40, sometimes 45. Either way, it exceeds the threshold and causes the damned Thing from Beyond to pester me.

How can I fix this?

That’s most likely because of your essences - i.e. you’re not using one of the new essences added in 8.3 which give 10 corruption resistance while AMR wants to use one to reach your corruption threshold.

For a precise answer we’d need to see your setup though. If you create a snapshot of your current setups using the “Help” link above Best in Bags and post the id here, someone could take a look at that.

OK, you’re right that I’m not using the Breath of the Dying. I didn’t think it would expect that, though… How do I force it to accept me NOT using it?

The optimizer will tell you which minor essences to use. If you don’t want to use one of the ones it recommends, you can exclude it from your optimization and it will choose a different one.