Incorrect professions appear on Best In Slot listing

This is a bug, so if this is in the wrong place, my apologies.

I recently did a character update just to see what gear I might need to look for in the new raid come Tuesday. Much to my dismay, I discovered BoP items that I can’t craft or equip. My character is a Tailor and Enchanter, but I’m finding Engineering and Alchemy items in my list. While it’s not difficult to look through the list of possible items and make a note of what would be a better fit, it may still be a good idea to take a look at this and make fixes wherever they may be needed.

For the same of argument, the items are as follows:
The Engineering helm Charged SP1-R1-73D Synthetic Specs
The Alchemy trinket Eternal Alchemist Stone

You can use some of the crafted items without having the profession (you can craft it, then drop the profression, and still use it). I still have to double-check how it will work with Season 2 gear, but I believe that the new crafted items that use tidalcores will have a profession restriction. I’m not sure if they will apply the restriction to the old crafted items or leave them as-is indefinitely.

According to Wowhead, the helm I mentioned above requires Engineering 120, and the trinket Alchemy 100. I imagine if you leveled the professions for the items, then dropped them, they’d just not work. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not dropping my professions just to chance that.

I didn’t have this happen during Season 1, so I didn’t notice it then. Thankfully. It would have been confusing then, too.

The crafted BiS section does focus on the item rather than its restrictions; most top level crafted items are BoP & many do require a profession to use them.

The whole crafted BiS section needs to be revisited to only include BoE’s & those BoP’s that the character is able to craft: only my thoughts, but…

We’ll be updating it with the patch on Tuesday.

All of the current gear, e.g. the 355, 370, and 385 stormsteel blacksmithing gear, can be worn even if you do not have the profession. Some people actually do this – level up, craft it, then change professions.

The new gear crafted with tidalcores (385, 400, and 415) will have a profession requirement – so if you drop blacksmithing you won’t be able to wear those.

I’m not sure why they didn’t just make it consistent… and why they’re adding a 2nd version of all 385 crafted items… but so it goes. The crafted item data is kind of a mess… we have to manually tweak it to get the right things to show.

Alchemist stones are different in that they always require alchemy. I’ll double-check those requirements as well when we do the update.

According to an answer a couple weeks ago not having profession requirements on crafted items was just an oversight during beta/relase of BfA and they always intended those items to require their professions - not sure if that was on Twitter, during a Twitch Q&A or on the PTR forums though.

One of the first builds of 8.1 had profession requirements for all crafted items but apparently Blizzard realised how many people would just lose equipped items and not have any alternatives so they decided against changing old items. Items added in 8.1 and in the future will then have the “originally intended” requirements.

EDIT: Found some of it - apparently my memory was wrong and the requirements never were on PTR but have been added with a hotfix and then reverted a day later. Not sure where I did get the reasons for that change from, though…

January 10:

  • Fixed a bug that allowed some Battle For Azeroth crafted gear to be worn by player characters who no longer had the crafting skill to create it.

January 11:

  • Reverted yesterday’s change to require Profession skill for using high iLvl crafted items.

Aside from the profession requirements, all items are BoP.
I have all professions covered across the (connected) Realm(s) I play on so have no need to swap any professions; if Crafted BiS was solely character profession/BoE based - as with previous expansions’ AMR - I, for one, would find it more useful.