Increasing ilvl reduces hps

If I make any changes to my ingame build, hps drops fast and ilvl increases reduces output (all gear max ilvl 400 in sim).

My current build Not Available This build was created not using Ask Mr Robot (sim’ed it for sure), just me using my judgement from warcraft logs as the items dropped. Output 38k hps ilvl 382 in sim. Logs Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft for ilvl 380 build which is the build I had before this one. It’s is currently number 19 on the leaderboard for ilvl 380. Raw healing 39k hps and 29khps. Also I healed the first boss at 30khps on the meters but the log did not save for some reason.

Also Best in Bags cannot match the output from this build. Output via sim 37k hps. 1khps drop for increase in ilvl.

Ingame I heal very well, matching many ~400 ilvl average players or outhealing them (this is not really good evidence, see other factors why it could happen), but no logs atm for current build. It’s yet to be tested fully.

I took a look to figure out where the optimizer might be making the mistake. While the average item level is going up, most of that is driven by AMR swapping in a 400 trink over the 340 mana trink you use, and a couple low-budget slots (back and ring). It also drops your 400 azerite shoulder to a 370, which is a big drop in stats. I ran a combination sim of the shoulder and trinket choices here, and it shows no significant difference between the trinkets, and a big gap between swapping the shoulder piece out. So the question is why does the AMR optimizer drop you to the 370 azerite shoulder?

I’m not a hpriest main, but my first thought was that it’s trying to get a promise of deliverance trait, since that has extra 1-trait value in the CD reduction, so maybe it expects value there that’s not showing up in the sims, but that’s also on the 400 piece so it would just take the trait there if it thought it was more powerful than the PoH trait. The 370 does have Bonded Souls, which is quite strong (at least for Rdruid, I assume it’s also fairly strong for hpriest?), so my guess is that potentially Bonded souls is overvalued by the optimizer for some reason.

I also ran the full combination sim of every trait on each shoulder piece crossed with the trinkets here, and it’s showing that the 400 shoulder with the traits you had selected along with the 400 trinket are top, but there’s not a significant difference to keep your mana trink as is if you prefer that playstyle.

That’s about all I can do without your addon string to see what other pieces it’s looking at, but I do think that you have found something that the AMR team could take a look at diagnosing and fixing in the optimization engine.

Can you post your export string from the addon so that I can take a look at this?

You also need to do your simulations with a larger npc damage multiplier - the gearing strategies are centered around a simulation where there are about 0.1-0.2 deaths/ally.

From the addon.

66;EU;Aggramar;Aalok;Deeprun Pest Control;5;1;120;38;10:150,15:800,12:150,13:150,4:150;2;.s1;22;;.s2;23;1313213;.s3;24;3113111;.q2;158075s2b1546b3383b1b6;86s12b-3374b3221b19b1x154129e5945;207s14b-3291b3267b7b16x0;759s13;105s3b-3230b3214b632b27a275602a5912a-13634;1385s9b-3963b326b2975b15x0;30s11b-3306b3294b13e0;2694s10b-3237b3224b16b323x0e-10;2158s7b-3618b3279b12;1s1b-3276b3264b37b594a7722a3043a-10756a12129;9s8b-3910b3279b12;78s16b-3276b3264b13e27;178s6b-3277b3264b13;812s5b-3282b3269b340b290a-6705a14291a-19725;91s15b-5375b1536b3209b17;.q3;158075s2b1544b3385b1b6;293s14b-3424b3267b7b16x154128;864s3b-3230b3214b632b27a275602a5912a-13634;1385s9b-3963b326b2975b15x0;30s11b-3306b3294b13e5945;48s17b-3292b3279b14;777s13b-3308b3294b333;1869s10b-3557b3224b16b323x0e-10;547s16b-3548b3209b339e27;1611s7b-3618b3279b12;1s1b-3276b3264b37b594a7722a3043a-10756;9s8b-3910b3279b12;4s15b-3291b3279b12;165s12b-3236b3224b17e-17;87s6b-3281b3264b13;69s5b-3292b3279b36b591a19447a1617a-9027a-5560;.inv;6948;6596;1652;2;3410;2613;1229;3059;5179;33;684;2415;234;1;1224;1662;764;158;29;388;2363;2369;336;702e5930;971;558;279e-3327;134;6563;168;287;633;11002;259;1000;3;1;2736;2439;1905;1259;13152;5276;16401;523;961;4412;309;1135;1;1;3;1;1;1;4810v110b605b1207;1016b1780;6b0;6b0;91b0e-99;7b0e1306;1b0;1b0;22b0e-1918;1731;3;1;5;313;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;3;2;2562;830;1;0;675;199b-2991b78b10;116b50b762b0b1x155851y3z-18306p1497p2031p83q-2114q2031q83r-2061r1787r199;2b-762b761b3b4x-84y14564z3824p-1966p1767p199q-2029q1829q276r-2115r2031r83;41b-770;408;471;1157;1;1504b1073b1819;27b-1819b1819;1b-171b171;7b-1819b1819x-4272e3545;1b-1819b1819;2b-171b171;2b-1819b1819;1b-171b171;2b-171b171x3e-7;3b-171b171;6b-1819b1819;400b-171b171;3b-171b171;514;193;0;0;0;0;0;109;115;5b-1819b1819;171b-1819b1819;2b-1819b1819x0e-2;19;168b-3023b896b2025b45;132b-2966b934b1796b236;17b-2042b1997b8;0b-2010b1811b81;99b-1888b1998b8;1934;635b-2011b1812b81e8;132b41b171e0;167b-1819b1819;33b-2100b1806b199;199b-3492b1507b1787b199;134;469;24;1000;434;623;155;224;172;1;1;1;586;19;254;47;208;1;256;37b-2029b2003b18;6b-2034b314b1720b45;1168;916b-114b171;15b-1819b1819;179b-1819b1819;32b-3589b1509b1787b199;2b-3494b1508b1787b199;2194b-77b171x-3y0z0e6;91;238b-2147b2045b34;299;1;0;1;3;0;3;0;1;0;2;146;108;148;3597b-2012b1787b199;263;1;0;0;0;78b-77b171x3e-14;140b-1819b1819;1b-171b171;27b-171b171;124b-2143b2041b83e8;5b-2089b1815b275;11b-2095b1820b274;11b-2119b1844b275;5b-2094b291b1529b275;2b-2125b321b1720b83x-3e-6;82b-2109b2026b84;9b-2110b2026b84e0;91b-2100b1825b274e6;4b-2104b1830b274;1b-2119b316b1528b275x0e493;336;0;17;1;28;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;27;0;1;2;47b-1800b1819x3e-501;5;8;29;118;89;0;1;0;1;0;122;24;27;64;16b-38;0b0;300;5;2;1;3;0;35;228;1;416;1;1;1;2;2;1;35;1;10b393b12;2b-13b13;545;159;0;1;0;0;0;3;1;11;0;1;0;1;0;708;224;7;0;0;14b-2490b1829b275;1000;942;55;25b-2049b3222b19;29b-3251b3233b18;64b-3241b3224b17;2b-3226b3209b628a273313a5332a-10756a19828;1b-3852b3224b17;2b-4762b1491b3252b19;1b-3241b3224b17;32b-3256b3237b19;21b-3226b3209b627a-9072a-3043a-7720a718;9b-3836b3209b629a10045a-5332a-5429a-3922;23b-3838b3209b627;94b-3891b3263b18e512;1b-3281b3263b17b1x2546;1b-3261b3243b18;1b-4763b1512b3233b18;6b-3251b3229b22;1b-3241b3221b20;18;7;1;7;23b-3256b3238b18;83b-3246b3229b627b29;13b-3930b3267b7e3;4b-3254b3247b5e1;30b-3242b3237b7;21b-3259b3259b16b204x-2e19;6b-3424b3201b19b208;862b-3468b3237b7;14b-3249b3246b223;5b-3464b3237b7;3b-3244b3242b218;4b-3465b3249b222;10b-3451b3229b629b27;16b-3915b3259b219;173b-3428b3206b19b207;1b-3477b3254b216;157b-3490b3267b7;10b-4744b1500b3241b225;1b-3481b3259b219;36b-3468b3246b223;1b-4966b1487b3259b220;119;266;0;56;189;237e125;77b-3514b3294b13e-151;2b-3307b3283b11b37a14683a-10762a12135a-16040;1b-3316b3279b14;28b-3308b3294b13;0b-3307b3294b13;2b-3307b3294b13e6;1b-4759b1452b3294b13e0;3b-3307b3294b13;31b-3297b3281b16e19;10b-3307b3294b13;5b-3292b3279b14;16;1;2b-3303b3286b16;12b-3307b3283b11b37a16581a-12670a6477a-10388;1b-3346b3309b12;7b-3306b3294b13;1;336b-3307b3294b13;176;104b-3317b326b2975b15;66b-3286b3271b696;48b-3987b3294b334b280;7b-3908b3294b333;83b-344a16732a-784a-15964a16;0b0a16732a-784a-15964a16;12;8;8e9;0;9;145b-3218b3226b282b63;249b-3444;460;14;1;1;26b-8;27;56;9;1;3;452;210b-114b3224b339;7b-3563b3224b339;0b-5085b1522b3224b339;11b-3563b3224b339;11b-3548b3209b339;66b-3563b3224b16b323;1b-3558b3216b342;262;95;4b-5085b1482b3263b18;40;10;2;72;61b-3226b3209b339e-7;1000b-3628b3289b355b112b161;12b-5371b1454b3289b355b32;135b-3686b3299b355b111e-1;179b-3745b3274;7b-3279b3283;1b-3283b3283;212b-3283b3284b340;4b-3624b3284b340;1b-3624b3284b340;62b-3589b3249b14;5b-3278b3264b13;1b-3292b3279b36b593;6b-3908b3279b12;52b-3276b3264b13e-19;4b-3277b286b2978b13;28b-3292b3279b12;81b-3236b3224b17e0;5b-3251b3233b18e-1;20;61b-3296b3279b12;70b-3291b3279b36b591a23358a1617a-9027a-5560;88b-3921b3294b39b587a12970a1466a-20920a19835;26;316;404b-3845b3217b19;18b-3286b3269b693;72b-3977b3284b339

So, this is kind of a weird case…

The BiB setup does not increase the HPS, but, it does a better job of keeping allies alive. I increased the NPC damage multiplier such that allies were in more danger.

Current gear with 42,937 HPS and 0.80 Ally Deaths

BiB gear with 41,992 HPS and 0.27 Ally Deaths

I try to have the simulator set up such that you won’t get a HPS increase if more people die, but this case is kind of skirting the edges of that logic. I’ll see if there is a way for me to adjust the rotation to avoid this situation. It could have something to do with the trinket that gives the big shield.

The ally deaths is the first thing the optimizer looks at, and then the HPS. So a set of gear that doesn’t keep you in that ally death range we’re looking for won’t be considered as highly.

This is what I get as best for gear Not Available

This is what the sim thinks. Not Available

Best in bags reduces the hps by over valuing Bristling Fur-Lined Amice and the normal sim does not show an increase.

Best in Slot build is lower than my build. Not Available ilvl 384 vs ilvl 382 reduction of 1k hps.

400 ilvl Not Available big reduction.

So about 0.1-0.2 deaths/ally, my build less than 390 NPC 1.26 damage.
Not Available ilvl 388
Not Available ilvl 389
Not Available ilvl 391 44,178 HPS 0.16 Ally Death(s) current build ingame.
Not Available ilvl 391 44,251 HPS 0.16 Ally Death(s)
Not Available ilvl 392 44,331 HPS 0.13 Ally Death(s)
Not Available ilvl 393 44,681 HPS 0.13 Ally Death(s) Possible target, better than BiS build.

vs BiS 399 ilvl

Not Available 44,403 HPS
0.11 Ally Death(s)

Little increase for big ilvl jumps. Also the average ilvl of the raid is what affects Ally Deaths more and appears to be set to the simulated players ilvl. Setting to 399 for both gives lower ilvl builds the same ally deaths as higher ilvl builds.

@aalok123 - you may want to update your add-on version; looks like you’re using v66 instead of v72.

If you look at the Best in Bags of the import and check the Shoulder Azerite traits, it looks like it is estimating locally that Bonded Souls is worth ~15%, which is definitely way higher than any one trait can be.

I think thats just an issue with Best in bags, it makes three Azerite gear items appear much higher than the rest. The sim itself appears to have a completely different view of Bonded Souls. Ask Mr Robot appears to have a very decent simulator overall.

@eighjan I downloaded the new one but was too lazy to copy it to my addons folder yet.

Yeah, healing simulation definitely does have a lot more “fuzz” than DPS simulation. I’ll see if tweaking the rotation slightly takes care of the slight HPS decrease in this case.

But like I showed in the sims I did - increasing the damage in the simulation to be slightly more challenging shows that what BiB is doing makes a bit more sense.

I’ll look into the rank for Bonded Souls - I feel like it actually is a really good trait, but it could be getting over-estimated somewhat.

For Rduid at least Bonded Souls is considered very strong by the community, and looks like it gives my sheet ~2% increased score in the optimizer, which seems reasonable, so I’d expect something near that?

You are indeed correct, what BiB is doing does make sense. You will still get a high performance setup without thinking about it too much. The sim if used right will lead you to a top 10 build on warcraft logs for some of the bosses I have tried. Of course only if you have the right items and skills. Very good sim.

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