Inscrutable Quantum Device trinket unimplemented?

Any timeline on when we’ll see at least a basic implementation of IQD? The secondary stat buffs (which can be triggered relatively consistently on pull, and apparently last longer under BL) are quite strong, seemingly making this a strong contender for BiS for many specs on short fights.

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I guess I wasn’t planning on implementing it. I suppose that I could implement it as a pre-fight stat buff and only allow it to be used once. That would give it a little bit of value and let people play around with it on shorter fights in the simulator.

We’ll add an implementation and an estimate… but “your own mileage may vary”.

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I’m probably as annoyed as you are that this expansion’s “meme” trinkets (IQD, Changeling) also seem to be powerful enough that they can’t just be ignored…

(I don’t believe anyone will really try to play around Changeling, but IQD seems usable pretty consistently in a raid environment at least, maybe combined with a weakaura that evaluates the conditions in realtime.)

Is this why a (seemingly) atrocious trinket is being recommended over IQD?

Also, I’d have to imagine on many fights (especially sub-3-minute fights), IQD can be used relatively early when folks are full health and you gain your desired stat.

We added an implementation to the simulator, working on a ranking in the optimizer now.