Inscrutable Quantum Device vs Darkmoon Deck: Repose

Hi !
I’m pretty sure i’m missing somethings.
With the last update to the optimizer, you change “IQD” implementation. I guess it changed it’s value for my specific character and now suggesting it as BiB.
Why not i’ve heard it give mana back so yeah let’s go for it.

But i was curious on how does it shows on simulation. My suprise was to see a difference between the two in simulation is the other way around compare to what BIB suggest:
MW - Raid+3 - Darkmoon
MW - Raid+3 - IQD

Bib suggest also a conduit change, i’ve compare here:
MW - Raid+3 - Darkmoon
MW - Raid+3 - IQD

Same result with Raid+2 and with 300s fight length.
Am i missing somethings ?

P.S: 4335cf04c05d49599ce9766e90744b92 if you need to dig more into it.

Yeah I’m not sure why in this case it’s picking the IQD over the darkmoon deck.

I am going to do a re-rank of the on-use healing trinkets in general, though. I just haven’t had time to go and specifically optimize for all of them in the healing rotations yet, so I think that on-use healing trinkets are going to be under-valued a bit in general right now.

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