Intersting subject for class guides - Mistweaver

Hello AMR’s team and community!

I began this topic to centralize my personal point of view about class guides, more specifically about the “interesting test section”. In this post, I will go over what seems interesting to me.

This post will go through two class: monk and Shaman across multiple specs.

  • Monks
    • Mistweaver

I play mistweaver since wod on a Mythic raiding guild (8/9 currently), I have used gearing from AMR since the beginning and I am doing quite good average performance on the HPS level. (Or purple on wowlogs).

If I put myself as a beginner on monk, some questions currently go through my mind:

  • About general spell

    • Thunder focus tea spell to use?
      • Hints: doesn’t matter if you are using it on CD
      • However, is there is a better stats and what impact? => Moved to azerith section
    • Soothing Mist: is it better to use directly vivify in raid/MM+ or first cast soothing Mist
      • (Had some question about new player about that)
      • Hints: depending if the target is taking and will take heavy dmg or not. Otherwise, avoid using soothing mist on target; first save them with vivify.
      • This is found is class guide and can’t really be proven by simulation or maybe?
    • Combo “enveloping Mist” and “vivify”
      • Is it Better to use first Enveloping Mist before trying to vivify on an heavy dmg target?
  • About talent:

    • On wich condition Refreshing Jade Wind is more interesting compare to Chi-ji / summon serpent jade statue?
      • Hints: Stacks player, how many targets?
    • Impact on mana consumption for each talent spell (like a build with refreshing jade wind or chiji or Sumon jade Serpent)
      • Hints: Length of fight with this specific talent or in general without getting really oom
      • Hints: could also be situational; like a custom boss script with spread people or not
    • Impact of mobility over some talent / spell
      • Not yet implemented into the simulator but soon could be? =D
    • I would love to show a good game play for the Rising Mist talent :’( couldn’t find a script that show good result for now, yet
      • Hints: too much GCD lost with palm of the tiger
  • Second about azerith

    • Secret infusion
      • Is it impact full to use a certain spell after Thunder focus tea to get a specific stats?
        • Hints: generally not for what I’ve known (only need to use it at least on CD)
    • Burst of Life
      • A well-used Burst of Life can it be a viable source of HPS?
    • Uplifted Spirits
      • What is the impact on average on the cooldown of Revival?
        • Hints: 30s on some Mekka MM fight but supposing I’ve used revival at the first second of the fight
  • Shaman

Because this article is currently too long; I’m going to skip till the next forum post =D

Have fun all =D

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  • Monk
    • Brewmaster

I mostly play once each week in MM+ and rarely in raid MM.

This spec is easy to handle. So I don’t really have much question about it.

  • About general game play
    • Insist on the fact that a good tank must know his entire tool to survive.
      • List of all CD available
      • Game play trick
        • Like the overlapping iron skin brew going to 21s max
        • Understand situation where some talent can be usefull (Dampen Harm on heavy cd dependent fight not like MM+)
        • Energy management:
          • Speak about the fact that Keg smash is way better in all way compare to the Tiger palm spam that consume a lot of energy even if sometimes you wait for spell.
          • Hints: maybe a rotation with Tiger palm on top of Keg smash and comparing TUF values?
        • Use of Expel Harm
          • Find a way to use sphere without Expel Harm and with to compare value?
        • INSIST A LOT on the fact that never use a CD is way worst then using it even if it’s for “no a life matter”
          • Always better to come back o nthe fight saying ok “here I will need help from healer” than saying “ho sry I didn’t think I would die from this”. Use the big CDs even if you thinks it’s overkill and next try put it at another timing
  • About talents
    • Well I have no idea what to say here
    • For the row with “Bob and Weave” and “Healing Elixir” “Dampen Harm”
      • Would need some boss script showing : Healing Elixir can help for HPS (if heal are busy with other things to do)
      • Dampen Harm is nice with coldown related boss (Kil Jaeden was a nice example)
      • Bob and Weave is pretty mutch the go to in a random situation but doesn’t mean other are bad
    • Chi burst must be handle nicely and not use in direction of another group in MM+ !
    • Inovke Niuzao; is pretty nice to skip a capacity from a boss, the invocation die but you don’t; useful but sometimes seems to bug (no taunt instant)
    • Special Delivery bring a nice slow boost; what can be useful for some affixes; difficult to bring with simulation here except if you have a kitting scrip.
  • About azerith
    • Speak about traits that doesn’t stacks and that does stacks
      • Hints: Do two simulation close to each other with 1 2 or 3 azerith “Elusive Footwork”
    • Add the impact of the “defensive” ring for tank
      • Hints: comparing with and without so farming the neck is a pretty good idea in tank to get the ring
    • Value of stagger in time with “Staggering Strikes” ? :x or somethings like “healing required”
      • Hints: seems to need too mutch work for the purpose
  • Fistweaver:

I don’t play this spec mutch :x only for questing

Next step ! Shaman enhancement =D

Thanks for these! @Swol is busily running through tests for many specs, and I’m sure he’ll come around and check these out as he gets to all the specs.

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I’m still working through rotation analysis - I’ll be getting to monks soon. Still giving some though on the best way to handle the analysis for healers - as usual, it’s trickier than DPS.

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