Into the Fray not simming properly

I’ve been running batches and noticed ITF was returning the sames result as no talent.
A bit of casual investigation shows that the buff is never applied; the trigger condition never returns true. After messing with the trigger, the buff not only shows uptime in the buffs list, but the results are now similar to adding the approximate haste gained manually and running with a “blank” talent.

All the guides I’ve read malign this talent as not as good at the alternatives, but since I’ve got the “buff to work” I’m yet to see a sim result where the alternatives outperfom it, a result mirrored with simc and TMI results.

Does this affect the accuracy of the default gearing strategies if they were built against the original trigger condition?

I see what you’re talking about - I’ll fix that up. I think we changed how some triggers worked at one point and this spell never got updated since we don’t test with it very often.