Is "Allow Conduit Respec?" checkbox in BIB working?

Hi. I would expect unchecking “Allow Conduit Respec?” would stop suggesting different conduits in BIB, but it doesn’t seem to affect it.

I would like to see the BIB DPS improvement percentage w/o the conduits changing so I’m trying to uncheck it but it’s still doing it. Maybe I misunderstand?

I guess I can just lock the conduits to my current setup but that is tedious.



The “Allow Conduit Respec?” option is for lower-priority setups. For example your “Demo Venthyr” setup is lower priority than your “Demonology” setup (you can drag-and-drop to re-order them and change the priority).

If you turn that option on for your Demo Venthyr setup, you’re saying that you are willing to respec your conduits for that setup. The default behavior is to create a setup that doesn’t require messing with the conduits of your higher priority setup – it will usually choose a different soulbind and put in optimal conduits for that setup. Or sometimes it can use a different path through the same soulbind.

If you want to prevent the optimizer from changing conduits at all, after optimizing, click on the row of icons above your gear that represents your soulbind tree to bring up the editor. Choose the path/conduits you want, then click Lock Path, and then Re-Optimize.

Those locks will stay in place until you unlock or change it to something new.

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Ah thank you so much. Now I get it what it’s supposed to do.

I guess since my higher “Demonology” setup was Night Fae, and my “Demo Venthyr” was manually set to Venthyr, the checkbox doesn’t do anything and that’s partly why I was confused. I set them both to Night Fae and now I see what it does.

I wish the Conduits had a checkmark or button to easily revert to whatever your character currently has. Manually setting them to match what my character already has is a bit of a pain. I actually just set my character in game to whatever the robot said so I didn’t have to worry about it!

My ultimate goal is I want to switch/upgrade legendaries, and so I’d like to see if I switch 3 or 4 gear pieces what my percentage DPS improvement will be. Ideally, before I buy them. It seems Best in Slot is the best place to do this, as it the only place where I can seem to add gear I don’t already have. It’s currently giving some weird negative DPS improvement even when I put in my current gear. I think I just need to play around with it more. Anyway, just mentioning this in case there is a different approach that I should be trying.

Thanks again!

You can also use the “Add to my bag” search of the Upgrade Finder. It won’t do groups of items, but it will add each item to your inventory one by one, optimize to see if it will fit in well with other stuff you already own, and let you know how much of an upgrade or downgrade it would be.

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