Is askmrrobot still active?


Im just worried that AskMrRobot is not active anymore? There has been no information since December last year?

So from a month ago lol. Yeah, they’re still responding to forums every day and updates to the website/gearing every other day or so. They have a talent optimizer coming out soon too.

You’re probably referring to the change log… yeah I always forget to update that, I should be better about it. We do website updates usually several times a week with new stuff though, we are still very much active!

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Great great. I was getting really weird trinket recommendations in the beginning of DF and no secondary stat balance anymore so I was little bit worried :smiley:

I had the same question after visiting the Blog section; it does seem a bit dormant. Are there any planned updates to that page in the works?

We do plan to update the blog a bit at some point – probably with 10.1 we’ll clean up a bunch of that stuff.

Right now we are focused on finishing up some new features and polishing up the new gear ranking approach that we created for Dragonflight to deal with the massive number of talent combinations.

Is it possible to share a roadmap of what is coming? I know a project regarding optimal talents was one item planned over a month ago but haven’t seen any updates on that.

What I am looking for:

  • better implementation of talents, especially with loadouts for certain specs and when switching to gear sets using the in game app, (i.e. m+ healing set vs raid healing sets and the talent loadouts for each).

We are still working on a talent optimization tool – it turned into a bigger project than anticipated. I don’t have a definitive release date for that, but we hope to have people beta testing it soon and have it ready before 10.1.

Talent switching in the addon is on my list to revisit… the new talent API in-game is really bad. At the launch of Dragonflight it was basically impossible to reliably activate a talent loadout via an addon due to bugs in Blizzard’s system. Sometimes it would work… sometimes it would bug out your entire talent UI in-game and require a UI reload – this was all by simply calling Blizzard’s methods.

For now you can make talent loadouts in-game and switch to them manually after activating a spec and equipping gear. You can also use those loadouts on the website via the talent editor, there is a picker at the bottom of the tree.

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