Is Classic addon importing enchant mats correctly?

I have almost all of my gear enchanted and it shows on the website. But when I export it from the website back to the addon it’s showing all the mats needed for everything. Is that the intended action or should it just be sending the parts for the enchants I don’t have?

Pics are from the website showing the ones I have and don’t and then from in game where it shows all as needed in the addon.

It should only show the ones that you need… there must be an issue reading/comparing the enchant IDs in the addon. I’ll try to get a test case to try out in-game.

Thanks. That’s what I thought as well from past experience.

And is there a way to clear to shopping list?

Later today/tonight the site will be updated with a fix for this – I think it wasn’t exporting the enchant IDs that would match the game’s enchant IDs. (For classic we had to use different internal enchant IDs from the game to deal with some wacky cases, and those weren’t getting translated back into the game’s enchant IDs during the export.)

I was able to do some limited tests – the addon is a bit tough because I can’t test any character, only my own. If the issue still persists tomorrow, let me know.

Yep, it appears to work. A little hard to compare too before since there is no way to limit out phase 5 enchants and the one showing up for my hands is not in game for my server just yet (+15 agility), so i had to down spec that one myself.