Is Gear Check gone for good?

Is the gear check feature permanently gone or will it come back? I haven’t seen it on the optimize page for weeks.

The Gear Check feature is probably gone - it was a lot less accurate than using Best in Bags. It was mainly there as a hold-over of the good old reforging days when the website was free/ad-supported. Since most of our users are now subscribers, Gear Check ended up being a confusing option. There is no reason to ever use it if you can use Best in Bags.

Thanks for the response. Good luck in getting more subscribers (honestly meant).

why was this feature removed? it told us what gear was better without being in our bags and it told us what gear should we substitute and what enchants to use is better and gems, how does best in bags better? lol

Finding gear that is better without being in your bags can be done via Best in Slot or the Upgrade Finder, and there are tons more options to do so on each of those features than Gear Check had.

Best in Bags will optimize your gems and enchants on your current gear. Best in Slot will optimize gems and enchants on any set of gear that it finds.

I couldn’t figure out why the feature was removed until I went through the nonsense of creating an account here. Logging in. Installing the add on. FINALLY getting to the gems and enchants… and I have one week free and have to subscribe after that.

I’m sorry. This will be my last visit to your site. I’m trying to find out what the best enchants are. I’m not a mythic raider and certainly not going to pay for a service I’ve used for 10 years for free. You guys should be ashamed.

It’s… 1 dollar a month. I see people complain about costs, but you’re getting a LOT for a dollar compared to some of the other services. They gotta eat man.

Best in Bags does a lot more than suggest enchants. It is a full-on gear optimizer with a lot of features that helps you manage multiple sets of gear at once. There are also other handy features like the Upgrade Finder and Worst in Bags, and coming very soon, the Talent Explorer for finding talent builds.

None of these features require you to be a mythic raider – they are very convenient for all levels of play.

Just recommending gems/enchants in a vacuum was OK… but you really want to choose the best gear that you have in combination with choosing gems/enchants.

I’d recommend taking the week to try it out and see how you like it. In particular Best in Bags saves me a ton of time… I can’t remember the last time I manually equipped a piece of gear in-game!