Is it possible to derive best openers / rotation from AMR?

Hello guys,

I am starting to play outlaw rogue and there is a bit of controversy in terms of “when to re-roll” what opener to go with, stat weights etc.

Now AMR obviously helps with stat weights but seeing how different people have different things working for them i was thinking – can i use AMR data to determine how to actually play the spec? I mean surely if some people go for mastery as outlaw and AMR tells me to go for like 20% haste our rotations would be different, right?

E.g. what would be the safe line of play / rotation? What would be the riskier line of play that gets highest parses? etc

I don’t know of an automated way to find this information.

What I would do to figure it out is try different rotations and openers in the simulator.

We CAN automate tests of those rotations with different stats. What we can also do is add parameters to the rotations to control when we reroll, to automate larger tests. I have done those tests for outlaw in the past.

Once I’m done with the 7.2.5 updates I will probably tackle some of these more in depth rotational questions again and post results as I find them.

Is there a way to get a humanly readable dump of data in terms of how AMR came up with 823540 DPS for me? Surely it used skills in certain sequence to get to this number. Is this data available?

When you do your simulations, set the output level to “log”.

You will then be able to see a list of which actions were chosen in the rotation as well as a full log from one of the iterations that you can browse through.

Cheers. I think i tried it once but couldn’t quite figure it out. I guess i ll spend more time to try and understand it :slight_smile:

If you want to see an example sequence of abilities used, you can expand out the log and then filter it to Cast Success events, like this:

Nice, this is quite useful on it’s own.
Is there a way to see what did it roll on RTB though?

Everything that happened is in the log. You can view the log unfiltered at the time of a roll the bones cast success. Or, you can filter the log to roll the bones and the buffs it applies, and then choose to only view cast success and auras, like this: