Is Single-minded Fury Build in to the DPS number?


Best in bags says changing to 2h dual weild is 16 percent increase. Is the 12 percent 1h dual wield bonus build in, or do I subtract it, making proposed spec 4 percent increase?

We already apply the 12% bonus when using two 1-handed weapons.

The reason that the upgrade amount looks a little weird is because you don’t have two one-handed weapons with appropriate stats for your spec – you are using an agility weapon in your off-hand.

We typically ignore weapons without your primary stat to reduce the number of combinations that need to be optimized – in your case, you don’t have a setup with two appropriate one-handed weapons, so it’s not really finding a single-minded fury solution to compare against.

You will definitely do a lot more damage going with your two-handers right now.

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