Is there a Converting to Catalyst option when using best in bag?

When running the best in bag feature, is there a way to simulate converting certain pieces to Catalyst item with same enchants/gems/etc? From what I can tell in only shows AS IS items. But but I would like to see my Gear score on IF certain items were converted to a Catalyst tier set item. SimC has this feature but it very clunky and difficult to use. I see that the upgrade finder has this capability but would like to see this calculated as a combination simulation.

The upgrade finder essentially does this, but with the restriction that it can only equip one of your converted items at a time.

It sounds like what you are asking for is something like: you tell us that you will convert these N items with the catalyst. Create a new inventory, run Best in Bags, and show you the best solution (and probably indicate which of your converted items were actually in the new solution).

We are working on a lot of improvements to the Upgrade Finder for The War Within (which is rumored to be as soon as August). I can’t say for certain whether we will roll out these improvements before that or with the launch, but we are definitely working on beefing it up and adding a lot more functionality. This is a feature that has been asked for in the past and is on our radar.