Is there a design decision behind why AMR doesn't automatically detect your Major essence or talents?

A very minor “issue” for me.

If I change my Major or talents I have to remind myself to update the setup for accurate results. Just curious if this is just something that could be implemented down the road, or if there’s some good reason for not doing so that I am overlooking with my narrow vision bias.

Thank you for all your work!

The reason we don’t automatically update it is because you could have two setups for the same spec. For example, you might make a Raid and Mythic+ setup for your Unholy Death Knight spec with very different talents and major essence.

You typically don’t want the talents and major essence chosen for a setup to change every time you import – they have a big impact on what gear you will choose. When we did automatically update (before we allowed you to make multiple setups), we also found that people mistakenly were not setting talents properly before optimizing. For example, you might take a talent that is fun or convenient for going around doing daily quests, but you never use it in raids and don’t optimize around it. People would often update their character and optimize, forgetting to change that talent back to their raid talent before optimizing.

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Ah, that makes sense, and I realized why I’m so biased: I’ve been using a loadouts addon, so it switches my talents and essences for me XD

Thank you for the insight!

Any chance we can get AMR to change essences and talents as well, based on another setup?
It would help me a lot. Both my raid group and M+ group started asking me to recheck my talents/essences before each raid and M+, cus they know I forget xD

Yeah it’s on my list of future features to make the addon change talents (if possible where you are).

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