Is there a possibility in the future for more stat thresholds?


As a Feral Bear I Ideally would like to be able to customize my gear setting and do a scaling stat preference of Crit Immune > Hit Rating > Stamina/Armor > Armor/Stamina. Especially now that Stamina has been added to the stat threshold pool I’d like to be able to have it optimize for more than just Crit Immune & Hit rating before it starts putting dps upgrades. In addition, even though I’ve put that I am a jewelcrafter and that I have access to JC unique gems those aren’t into consideration at all when doing best in bags or best in slot.

There is a setting in the setup for the optimization that reads: “Include Unique Gems” - make sure that is checked when you do your optimization.

Right now, we don’t have plans to allow more caps. Dealing with two caps is already a difficult optimization problem. The more constraints your throw at the optimization, the more complex it becomes. Once you are constrained to as much of a level as you are talking about… it’s almost getting in the realm of a hand-picked set of gear anyway. You are kind of saying that you don’t agree with the optimization and want to pick your own :wink:

thx for the fast response! and thx for explaining the thresholds for me.