Is there a way to Optimize BiB without worrying about a secondary or tertiary spec?

I play Outlaw Rogue, and while I recognize that the other specs are currently a lot easier to utilize for higher dps, I want to play Outlaw Rogue no matter what. While admittedly it may not make a significant change in gearing choices, it does seem that if I prioritize Assassination vs. Subtlety as my secondary spec option, that different gear choices might be made.

What I didn’t see was an option that said, “I only want to play 2 specs or just 1, so optimize me for just those selected specs”

Is that option there - if not, could it be? Or is there concern that it doesn’t make that much of a difference if I limit my secondary/tertiary options?

TLDR: Is there a way to remove one of those secondary/tertiary specs without actually destroying my toon and starting over? :smiley:

If you only care about Outlaw on Best in Bags, put Outlaw as your top priority spec (drag and drop to reorder in step 1). Lower priority specs will never influence higher priority specs when optimizing.

When you export to the addon it will still calculate data for your other specs, but you can just ignore it if you don’t plan to play them.