Is there any eta on when t21 gearing comes to askmrRobot?

Is there an eta on healer t21 gearing ? My Disc priest is kinda lost right now. You only start realizing how much you depend on something when it’s not there anymore.

They are running right now – hope to have them done in the next couple days.

I sure hope so :smiley: . Thanks for the fast response, looking forward to it.

You can use the Adaptive Single Target for AHC bosses. For me adds T21 options for best in bag and such. However, I only have this option for my DPS specs. It isn’t available for tank and healing. Well, not that I have seen. As you, I hope this gets fixed soon. I know I’ll only be wearing two piece T21 but not way to find out which without guessing.

What yellowfive responded to this message is the answer to your question. It does not have to get fixed, it is just not added yet. They are running all the sims ness as we speak. So hopefull they will get added soon. Hope that answers your question.

Anytime now… hopefully :smiley:

IT’s ALIVE !!! YAAAAAAY . T21 scaling for my healing specs works (holy and disc)