Issue with Cataloged Research Tab in Upgrade Finder

Thanks for making a tab for that currency that’s great. But, the tab is using valor gear not gear for cataloged research currency.

Post a snapshot where this is happening and I can take a look, instructions on how to do that here:

I have the same issue.


Extra description of issue below:

I am having trouble using the Upgrade Finder for Catalogued Research. The list is blank under the drop down (this may be intentional?) - but if I click Valor then click back it’s filled with valor items until I reload the page, even though I have moved back to Catalogued Research.

It says “You have 25 item(s) that can be upgraded. Press ‘Find Upgrades’ to rank the best use of your cataloged research.”

But they don’t show and clicking Find Upgrades with any of the 6 levels does a brief loading icon then nothing happens

I expect I have some weird item in my bags that is breaking it. I have addon v106 and have cleared local browser data for the site and relogged in - not helped

Many thanks

There was a javascript error preventing the list from loading – I posted an update that should fix the issue if you refresh the page.

Thank you, confirmed all working for me :slight_smile:

I should have thought to check the console!