Item limit for AMR addon export?

Is there an upper limit on how many items you can have for the addon export (for best-in-bags)? I’ve got about 40 unequipped items, including legendaries, on my main and best in bags has started to come back reporting unscanned relics even when the only ones I have are the ones that are slotted into my weapons.

There is no limit.

Sometimes it will think there is a relic you haven’t previewed even when you have… could never quite track that bug down. Sometimes you can resolve the issue by moving any relics that you have from your inventory to the bank and then back to your bags.

Regardless, as long as you have previewed the relics that you want best-in-bags to try out, it will rank them correctly, even if you have other relics that are not previewed.

Similar situation to the OP here. I can’t seem to get BiB to stop giving the “you have one or more unpreviewed relics” error, even though this character has zero unsocketed relics! (and thus, there’s no item to move between bags and inventory to trigger the bag scan event) As a result, BiB refuses to rank any relics at all.

(I just obtained the 2nd artifact on this character, dumped a ton of AP tokens into it, and had 3 relics standing by. I’ve socketed all 3 relics, but since this class+spec isn’t one I play very often, I wanted to know what AMR’s recommendation for relic traits was.)

I’ve examined every item in my bank and bags, just in case I forgot one. There are no other relics. I’ve gone to the Crucible and moused over all the available traits in the socketed relics. I’ve clicked the “Start Over” link and re-pasted the addon data, but BiB still claims it don’t know what the previews are.

As an aside, it’d be really handy if the “you have not previewed all relics” error tooltip could include the name of the unpreviewed relics; that would at least let me find the thing to go preview, assuming it exists.

edit: I’ve also exited the game, deleted the savedvariables file, and upon logging back in went and re-visited the bank, all the specs, etc, etc, etc, still thinks I have some unknown relic floating around but it won’t tell me what it’s called.

Did you delete the .bak as well as the .lua? If not the addon just rebuilds the .lua from the .bak and the problem persists.

If it’s only happening on one character and you don’t want to have to rescan all of them, you can also open the .lua in a text editor and delete the secton for the offending character. I might try and make a script to do this if I keep having the issue.

I had deleted the .bak, but will probably just remove the character-specific subtable next time I’m at the computer.

Still happening. I’ve deleted the entire savedvariables file (and the .bak), gone through the whole dance on the toon (cycling thru specs, opening bank, opening artifact traits, etc). Still seeing “one or more relics that haven’t been previewed, but good fucking luck figuring out what they are”.

Just don’t worry about it – as long as you have gone to the crucible and previewed every relic that you care about on each of your specs, it will factor in the light/shadow powers and traits when optimizing.

Since they are removing the artifacts in BfA, we probably won’t spend time tracking down why it still thinks there are unpreviewed relics sometimes – it has no impact on the optimization.