Item stuck in view

on my char asmodel proudmoore eu the relic xavius mad whispers is always shownb as exchangeable but i had 2 other items in the slot in last 2 days.
load from armory replaces the relic with the actual equipped one but after relogin in askmrrobot the relic is back to xavius mad whispers.
additionally even after reload from armory BIS is always wrong with xavius mad whispers
any idea on how to fix this?

Try this: go in game and open your artifact as if you were going to spend a point on it. Then get a new export string for the site and use that one.

unfortunately not working. BIS showed 2 times another relic as better, so i did BIS, Exchanged the relic, did BIS again.
And XMW is still in the slot in BIS. Also armory reload changes the item to the correct one but after webpage reload it is still XMW in the initial screen. kind of wierd as this is the only char to behave that way.
Had a restart of game between the 2 exchanged relics. will try clean cache and report later. interface reset is not so nice as i have a few chars and addons to configure.
Xavius mad whisper is always in BIS. Did your procedure: XMW.