Items & AZ Power requirements

If the AZ power requirements are wrong on my site, prohibiting you from picking them, I have a workaround: change your Heart of Azeroth level by clicking the hamburger Icon.

But I could REALLY also use your help.

I am trying to figure out the AZ power requirements so that you can properly pick them on my site. To do this, I am looking for people to give me the following:

  • Your item name and its iLevel (a screenshot is really ideal, for extra proof!)
  • The unlock requirements (screenshot is ideal, but text is ok)
  • Bonus - tell me where you got it (drop, quest, dugneon), and what player level you were at the time (or if you have only a best guess, let me know and tell me it is a guess).

Here’s the problem: If I look at the item in game (from an item link like this, which has bonus ids, by pasting it into the chat window):

/script print(‘Shift click to link:’, ‘\124cff0080ff\124Hitem:161444:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0\124h[Frosted Talonfeather Mantle]\124h\124r’)

That shows AZ requirements of 14, 18, and 22.


But on Twitter, someone got it and it has requirements for X, X, 7 (I am going to assume 3, 5, 7).


Now, what I don’t know for sure is if this scales with your player level - are the AZ requirements higher if you got this item as a level 118?

I also see the Honorbound Centurion’s Pauldrons in-game have unlock requirements of 2, 4, 6.

On the forums, someone reported that it is 2, 5, and 8.


Here’s a string that contains 2 of the same item with different unlock levels.

$63;US;Zul'jin;Autism;Use Your Imagination;1;2;120;16;13:51,15:114,11:1,3:150,12:1;2;.s1;25;;.s2;26;2132323;.s3;27;;.q2;157882s7b1527b3259b17;98s6b-3296b3274b22;95s2b-3301b3430b1b3;33s17b-3414b3263b18;47s13b-3291b3273b18;4s15b-3281b3263b18;160s14b-3306b3281b7;976s8b-3273b3267b7;8s5b-3274b3274b33;18s10b-3307b3266b6e5932;13s1b-3287b3288b33a272935a-4341;5s3b-3321b3288b33a9082;1s9b-3306b3267b7b16x154127;120s11b-3290b3267b7b16;2s12b-3290b3267b7;191s16b-3274b3267b7b16x0;.inv;6948;57454;872;15640;13240;14922;0;0;1484;1260;3123;1195;2784;5749;3177;8938;3406;7;1406;512;0;10388;1;1;1;1;1;1;65;55;1531b1703b3224;312b-3415b3273b18;0v120b-27;320;28v0b-3072b3092;29v0b-3100b3100;32;14;1;1;661v0b-20;43;2;3;2;19;260b-3264b3267b7;1905;3;151b-3264b3263b18;33b-3286b3268b18;25b-3286b3268;2b-3263b3259b22;1b-3286b3268;145b-3298b3298b18;170;259v0b-27;162;2;13;89;10;2;1;12;419b-3274b3276b3b21;4b-3290b3267b7;1b-3274b3274b33;25b-3322b3288b33;7b-3306b3274b33;483v0b-3141b3118;240;879;121;291;1227;45b-3279b3268;0b-3298b3298b330;57;306;1;56;42;357b-3583b3593b11;152;17;159$

The item in question is Master Dinomancer’s Tunic

Here’s another string containing another example

$63;US;Zul'jin;Algorithm;Watch Your Tootsies;1;2;120;12;3:100,6:1;2;.s1;4;;.s2;5;1213321;.q2;153686s11b3350b1577;476s16b-3219b3219;0s17b-3245b3245;1083s8v119b-137b1;643s1b-3294b3288b33a273231;2187s2b-3324b3438b1b3;80s14b-3459b3308b17b1;220s15b-3306b3281b7;59s7v0b5;873s3b-3293b3288b33;23s5b-3321b3288b33;2s9b-4776b1455b3281b7;5s10b-3288b3281b7;125s12b-3288b3281b7;301s13v-2b2;3195s6v2b203;.inv;6948;33162;8930;37103;6598;16443;1376;1260;3123;5314;0;0;7583;5730;0;0;0;6622;1413;512;0;13142b1467b3308b10a278493a-10056a-4459;3059b-3288b3281b7;855v120b-4742b1655b3098;15v0b-4754b1667b3087;299v-1b-3120b3120;98v1b-3081b3081;13v-1b-3087b3087;13b-3299b3281b7;202v-1b-3106b3117;11v2b-3108b3108;301v-2b-3117b3117;5v-1b-3079b3079;3v2b-3114b3114;6v-1b-3101b3101;5v1b-3094b3094;4v1b-3109b3109;2v-2b-3084b3084;2v0b-3090b3090b6;901;1563b-3315b3298;0b-3298b3288b10b330a9258a-9274a16;1247b-340a14515a-14531a16$

It’s the same item as above, just at 3 different item levels.

There’s 2 295 items, one with unlock levels of 3, 5 and 7. One with unlock levels of 13, 17 and 21.

There’s a 325 item with unlock levels of 13, 17 and 21

Getting a million of those chest pieces (this, and the 310 are from WQs)

So different item levels have different unlock requirements – we are aware of that.

To my knowledge, any ilvl310 or higher azerite item on our site should show the proper unlock requirements. If you see any that do not, let me know.

It’s mainly the ilvl295 versions that are ambiguous, and people are getting versions of the same item with different unlock requirements.

Ah, the low levels. Gotcha.

The second string of my post has 2 exact 295 items with different unlocks.

OK thanks… I might be able to use that to take a guess as to when an item will have reduced requirements.