Junk Finder duplicate disregards corruption

When looking for junk, it appears as mr robot considers two items with the same name, but one with corruption and one without, as duplicate, which I’d wager is unwanted.

I tried to get a snapshot ID from junk finder but got

### Error

#### Error converting value "wib" to type 'TeamRobot.Wow.OptimizerActions'. Path 'Action', line 1, position 38.

Ticket Number: 1720959f509f43bb8a4e941d5be0abbd

If you need further assistance, please [contact technical support](https://www.askmrrobot.com/contact?ticket=1720959f509f43bb8a4e941d5be0abbd).

here is snapshot ID for BiB instead fe9339efcb744c91823f88099b5560db

I see 2 items marked as duplicate:

Malignant Leviathan’s Armguards

Malignant Leviathan’s Fists

The fists are a duplicate – you have the same item with a higher item level.

The armguards are also a duplicate: you have two of the exact same item with the exact same corruption bonus.

Are you seeing something different?

wow sorry. I confused myself! Excuse me! :slight_smile:

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