Just looking for a quick explanation on a feature

Can someone explain to exactly what the difference is between the “best in bag” feature & the “gear check” feature. They are providing me with two different scenarios of what is best. Is this intentional? I set everything up the same on both features but they still give me 2 different answers.

Thank you for any clarity that you can provide me on these.

“Gear Check” is just a quick calculation which Azerite bonuses, gems, and enchants to use without changing any equipped items. This only requires a very small amount of calculations and is therefore much less demanding on AMR’s servers.

“Best in Bags” on the other hand looks at every single item combination you could equip out of everything you currently have. Depending on how many items you own this requires an extremely huge amount of calculations and uses AMR’s Gearing Strategies to return the best combination of items.

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Also, you can get slightly different gem, enchant, and azerite recommendations because Best in Bags supports additional settings (like gem/enchant threshold and azerite threshold).

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