Just Wanted to Say Thanks

Hey guys/gals that make this,

I figured you never get many thanks, but a 3 person operation this great is no easy task and they fact you don’t do the free trial hustle is honorable. I’ve been using your guides from the first release and they’re always the fastest in progress and with few to no bug. I’ve literally been able to disable so many other addons due to the built in features.

To you ladies and gents that brought us this I’d like to say thank you so much. You’re appreciated.

Yeahboy - Quel’Dorei & Yeahboy Cenarion Cirlcle.

Be safe out there in this pandemic!

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We thank you for your thanks!

Hard at work plugging away on Shadowlands now… only about 3000 more spells to implement in the simulator. EZ.

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