Keybindings - guides

Heyo !
It’s me again ! …
I’ve saw the Keybings section.
Could you switch between QWERTY and AZERTY on this page ?

Manually should be enough, would take too mutch time if you try to use it automatically :confused:
Also in the futur. Could it be possible to have a “keybinds” section assignation in correlation to the rotation from AMR ? Like a list of the spell that need keybinds from the rotation ? This could be big to do.
With export to in game ? =D

Well i let you decide if this is interesting. You probably have already a lot on your plate ! And on the " to do list" :stuck_out_tongue:
Bye !

Yeah we could definitely beef up the guide a bit, make it interactive, etc. This first version was something quick to at least get the basic information across to people – it’s surprising how many people don’t realize how much their control scheme is holding them back.

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