Khor, Hammer of the Corrupted / Guardian

Hello, so Ask Mr Robot appears to be confused on the matter of “Khor, Hammer of the Corrupted” & “Khor, Hammer of the Guardian” One is a Item ID 160679: “Khor, Hammer of the Corrupted” is a lvl 355 Weapon worth using while the other Item ID 163119 “Khor, Hammer of the Guardian” is a lvl 125 Transmog item.

My best in bags seems to think that Khor, Hammer of the guardian is a 355 item …

Note that there are “Khor, Hammer of the Guardian” items out there that are item level 355. I have one myself. It dropped as 355, was hotfixed to 125 and then hotfixed back to 355. You can read about it here: World of Warcraft Forums

For now, until the devs get to this, if you put that ilvl 125 Khor, Hammer of the Guardian in your void storage, it will stop being suggested for BiB.

I am sure that series of hotfixes was quite annoying.

Thank you Tabu, that helps alot!