Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish problem?

KJ’s Burning Wish trinket seems to be doing too much damage in sims. As a disc priest (Adaptive raid healing strat, Krosus script) the sim yields a hit of 1.5 million damage, but on a target dummy I get 500k. The problem might be the tooltip which says it always crits for 500k; you might need to set crit chance to 0 instead of 1 for it to work properly?

I’m not sure how well the overhealing redistribution effect of Velen’s Future Sight is modeled by AMR, but I feel like Mr Robot rates KJ trinket too high compared to Velen’s since the stats on each are identical; maybe the gap will be less if the above problem is confirmed/fixed.

Yeah, looks like I had the Kil’jaeden’s spell added to the list of trinkets to nerf, but it has a unique implementation that was causing it to bypass that. I’ll fix it up and rank it again.

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