Kill Command damage and Dire Consequences

Dire Consequences azerite trait damage seems to be too high, tested Kill Command in game on a raid boss dummy with the same stats and only looked at min dmg(no killer instinct buff), KC dmg is a tiny bit off(20dmg) but Dire Consequences seems to be adding a lot more than 1100 to the KC damage before armour.

in-game screenshots:

sim 1 (with DC):

sim 2 (without DC):

Other traits that affect KC like Serrated Jaws could be adding more damage than intended as well but I don’t have the trait in game at the moment to test.

Kill Command has a really weird damage calculation that was hard to figure out from the game data. It is possible that I don’t have the trait combining correctly.

To really pin it down, what I would need is the damage kill command does with the trait, and then damage without the trait. (You could do that by equipping a different azerite item of same item level to keep all other stats the same.) Then I can compare the two and figure out which multipliers affect it. That screenshot you gave me is just averages of a bunch of hits - there is no damage “range” on kill command, it will hit for same amount every time, so we should be able to figure it out exactly.