Kill Shot Usage for Venthyr Hunter Appears to Be Bugged

The AMR simulator does not appear to properly handle the additional kill shots that are available from the Flayed Shot covenant ability. I looked over the implementation of this spell in the simulator wiki and my best guess as to the cause for this was that it is not accounting for the fact that the cooldown of Kill Shot is reset whenever Flayer’s Mark is cast. I could not find anything that appear to account for this spell interaction.

This is causing the AMR simulator to use Kill Shot approximately 1/4 as often as it should. I believe this also is affecting gearing strategies because the gear optimizer tends to favor other conduits over Empowered Release. I also suspect that it has a noticeable impact on the covenant rankings in the guide section of the site as well.

For reference:
AMR simulation results, 4 minute fight - 4.8 Kill Shots used:

SIMC simulation results, 4 minute fight - 21 Kill Shots used:

Heroic Hungering Destroyer log, 3.75 minute fight - 18 Kill Shots used:

Looks like my trigger to reset the cool down was blown away… I’ll update it, thanks.

It’s looking better now, but still only at around 1/3 of the usages of Kill Shot that I am seeing in SimC and in logs.

Here’s a new sim for reference:

Yeah, looks like the site got updated before I made my change to the survival rotation. I’ll put the new survival rotation live and that fixes it up. Need an extra line in the rotation to make more use of it.

The latest update is looking quite good.

Here is a sim with the last round of changes:

The overall DPS is quite similar to the DPS from SimC as well. It’s always good to have a way to check your homework!