[Kind of solved] Changing Spells

Hi !

I was looking to the changed coming to the PTR about the mistweaver monk and the +30% increase for Rising Mist.

I’m trying to change the spell but it seems in Google Chrome i can’t “clone” a version of the simulator were in Edge i can.
Here is what i mean : Capture

This page :
or this one (on chrome) :

Well i’m usaully using Edge but the “Save button” doesn’t work when i change something into a spell or a rotation.
So i’m using Chrome instead for this.

Maybe it need a bit of fixing ?

Thanks ! =D

Okay ! Find why
So, in chrome, i wasn’t logged in so i could access to those option (save edit etc…)

I still can’t save in Edge but work fine in Chrome now ! =D

I can try it out in Edge – are you seeing any javascript errors in the console?

I do yes, each time i clic on it:

I’ll fix that in the next update – stupid Edge… doesn’t support some of the basic javascript features that other browsers support, so have to change the code.

Haha i’m sorry to force you to change specially for Edge ! xD

Dont do it if you want =) I’m using Chrome fine =D