Large sim question: how to find item names from item ids in csv files

Quick q: I did a really large sim and the url wont’ list the items. I downloaded the excel file but the items have an id not a name…how do I find what item my sim refers to?

(I think you may have asked this question elsewhere, but for anyone who happens by with a similar question, answer is here)

The csv file contains item IDs like: 163435b1562b4775b5125b5136b5381

Starts with item ID, then b[bonus id 1]b[bonus id 2]…

You can look the item up on wowdb to see what it is, e.g. that would be:,5125,5136,5381

Azerite powers are spell IDs, you can look those up in a similar way e.g. Donkey Kick - Spells - WoWDB