Latest in game Addon?

I just went to Curse. I know the patch was today, but I see that the supported version on curse is 7.2.5 updated 18 hours ago.

Was that supposed to say 7.3?

I will check where they get that version from… the latest version is for 7.3. It might be because I uploaded it before the patch went live.

Curse Client shows that v51 is the newest, but go to the AMR page on Curse & they show v52 as current, effective 19 hrs ago… odd.

Yeah not sure why it didn’t propagate to the curse/twitch app…

It may not just be you. I was surprised to see no updates to any of my addons today. Granted, most of them are working, but I know another one says it was updated a few hours ago, and the Curse client doesn’t offer me the newest version.

Edit: That said, does the new version fix the sound files bug? That’s what I came here to look up.

I’ve had zero errors caused by the AMR addon.

Just (this minute) finished playing WoW & ran Curse Client… it went nuts updating everything that needed it (already had V52, from manual install), so was probably Curse that had the issue.

I’m getting the message,
AskMrrobot has been blocked from an action only available to the blizzard UI.

We’ll need you to post the error message you get when it happens, just copy it from the game and paste it into a quote box here, or just paste it into a reply, quote will just make it easier to separate your post from the addon error.

Having said that if it was happening to everyone we’d have a lot more reports, my guess is it’s a different addon tainting something and failing silently and then the AMR addon is trying to do something and getting blamed for the error.