Legendaries not getting recommended, despite being a higher DPS increase

If I create a generic character, select Outlaw rogue as my spec (in TBC, it should be called Combat, but I’ll let that slide):

Then, scroll down to Best in Slot, select Phase 5 (Sunwell) as the release phase, then leaving everything else, I select Find Best in Slot.

The two weapons for the “Outlaw” Rogue are Muramasa and Dragonscale-Encrusted Longblade, which says it is a 26.58% DPS increase from the default gear that is currently set.

However, if we then replace those weapons with Warglaive of Azzinoth, then reoptimize, we get a 33.78% dps increase.

If we then select the bow and select Thori’dal legendary bow instead, then re-optimise again, it increases the DPS to 34.12%.

So, why aren’t these items being recommended as Best in Slot, if selecting them manually results in a higher dps increase when re-optimised?

This problem appears with Hunters as well. If I select Beast Master, select release phase 5, select the 53 dps arrows, find Best in Slot, it says a 16.89% dps increase.

If we manually replace the epic bow Golden Bow of Quel’Thalas with Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury then re-optimize, then we reach a dps increase of 26.39%.

So, why is this happening?

Best in Slot will not choose legendaries unless you lock them in. Legendaries are almost always better, but are also very difficult to obtain – most people don’t have access to them.

It would be far more annoying for 9 out of 10 users to have to exclude the legendaries after optimizing than for 1 out of 10 players to lock them in after optimizing, so that’s the route we went.

Maybe you should have an optional tick box to include legendaries?

I think it doesn’t make sense if a “Best In Slot” program, isn’t actually best in slot - especially if it’s sole purpose is to provide that information.

Would be good if that was listed as an option of some sort.

The locking mechanism is designed precisely for these cases – there are very few legendary items and it is a pretty rare use case. Go ahead and lock them in to get a BiS designed around the legendaries. It is more or less implied and assumed by all that legendaries are best in slot – you don’t really need an optimizer to help you on that choice!