Legendary items


I use AMR to upgrade my toon as I progress. One thing I noticed is that as I accumulate more legendary items, the update only includes only one of them. At first, I thought the toon can only accommodate one legendary item. Then I found out it can accept two. So I did the steps for finding the best in bag. But still it resulted to recommending only one. What I did then is I placed another legendary item on my toon and then did an export. After that, AMR started recommending two items. (It recommended another legendary item from the one I placed.) Why is that?


By the way, I love your app. It helped me a ton.

There is an option in the filters that controls how many legendary items are available to your character. It was probably set to only allow one. But if you equip two legendaries, it automatically increases it to two, because we assume you now are able to use two legendaries.

Thanks for the info. Do you happen to know where that option is?

I withdraw my question. I just found it. Thanks again.

I’m not able to find it or any information on where it is. Someone, please post a link to the guide or a picture of the setting. Thanks in advance!

Click the filter icon that looks like a “funnel” next to the gearing strategy picker (that probably says e.g. Adaptive | Single Target) at the top-middle of the page. Under Item Modifications category is the Allowed Legendaries option.

Oh geez…I searched in there many times and still missed it. Thanks!