Legendary not showing in legendary combos

So i just got a new legendary, and as usual i want to check best in bags to see if it’s worth putting on and what gear i should change to. But it’s not showing in “Legendary combos” under “Customize”.

Things i’ve tried to do to fix the problem are as follows:

  • Relog
  • Open and close bag
  • Open and close bank & bags
  • Open artifact
  • Put it on and update
  • Reload UI
  • Waited for a couple of hours
  • Check for updates on the addon
  • Re-install addon

Nothing seems to be working. Anyone got a fix for this?

What spec and legendary?

The Legendary Combos section only show a total of 12 combos, so if it’s a legendary that’s not worth taking or your spec has lots of combos that are viable then it might not show up.

Tangentally, one of my preferred combos often doesn’t make the list of top 12, which is frustrating.

I’m a relatively nuub raider, serious only since the 2nd month of Legion; as such, I spend more time on the floor than my raidmates, who all have 10 years or more. As such, I benefit more from the more defensive legendaries, Roots and Prydaz. Can’t DPS when you’re on the floor.

Ideally, I’d like to select up to 2 legendaries and get a table of:
Col 1: best 2 legendaries, best legendary combo w/ 1 of the selected, best w/ the other selected, the 2 selected
Col 2: attack power or other DPS metric
Col 3: % decline from best combo
Ordered by Col 2

And then be able to click through on a Col 1 cell and get the BiB gear for that combo

It looks like your back-end is 90% or more already ready for this, that it’s more of a web/UI thing. IMHO (and selfish) opinion, others might like this as well.

Spec: Havoc Demon hunter
Legendary: Raddon’s Cascading Eyes

Currently Raddon’s Cascading Eyes is one of the bis legendaries if paired with the new set bonuses, so it should show up.

We would need you to post your addon export string (that you copy from the addon to our site to load your character) so that we can reproduce your case and see what’s up.

$57;EU;Kazzak;Fellropp;Just Kill the Boss;1;2;110;13:100,2:161,12:460,14:1,9:22;1;.s1;4;2233311;1000,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,1,1,1,314,32,131,1,1,1,134;4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,4,1,1,25,1;155848b1497b3528b3611,133684b1587b3337b3418,152032b1497b3336b3611;1,1739,41,-10,-766,1,-2,1,1,0,1,0,0/2,736,32,12,-781,491,-489,1,0,1,0,0,1/3,735,35,1,-769,-2,3,1,1,0,0,1,0;.s2;5;3322311;1096,1,1,1,1,1,127,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,92,35,71,63,1,1,1,131;1,1,1,4,4,4,1,4,4,4,4,4,4,1,1,1,1,1,4,1,1,9,1;151011b3169b3396b3528,144463b1522b1727b3336,147084b1497b3528b3562;1,1739,41,2,-553,1,1,1,0,1,0,0,0/2,508,41,-3,-547,2,2,1,0,0,0,0,0/3,505,39,6,-551,-3,267,1,0,0,0,0,0;.q1;127829s16b719x155848y-22164z18348;1s17;5812s14b873b1745b81;334s6b41b171;556s12b-2013b1720b199e5427;2445s15b-1939b1740b81e8;472s5b-3375b1564b1730b80;4691s8b-1845b1765b80;4989s10b-1890b1810b226;1s1b-2081b326b1720b33x-452;1s7b-3519b1455b2031b34;1s3b-2065b2031b34;4507s11b-1751b1819x0e-8;448s9b-2138b1844b275;196s2b-2124b2041b83e10;1891s13b374b4;.q2;128831s17;1s16b721x151011y-6548z2621;4810s14b871b1745b81;334s6b41b171;556s12b-2013b1720b199e5427;2445s15b-1939b1740b81e8;472s5b-3375b1564b1730b80;4691s8b-1845b1765b80;4989s10b-1890b1810b226;1s1b-2081b326b1720b33x4496;1s7b-3519b1455b2031b34;1s3b-2065b2031b34;4507s11b-1751b1819x0e-8;448s9b-2138b1844b275;196s2b-2124b2041b83e10;1891s13b374b4;.r;_;.inv;2459;4489;3077;7025;4165;11622;1231;1212;3001;1224;5533;219;4483;48245;95;11519;7249;4451b1497b329b1513;1039;0;2;1784;3717;3;0;1;3;463;0;0;0;196;0;3;137;185b-2618x151011y-6548z2621;57b-120b78b10b1015b1704e5882;158;700;113;68;38;263b-2808b79b10b2658x4496e-455;2215b-1536b1819x-21361e10;8b-1819b1819x21361e-10;1127;101;1;644b-2108b302b1512;54b-2731b932b287b1512;61b-1744b1745b81;9b-1861b1780b81;3b-1856b1855b111;89b-1991b190b1610e10;2172b-2737b79b10b2665x-21361e-10;2b-1822b1882b114;299b-1717b1759;8b-1759b1819;16b-171b171x21361e0;23b-1819b1819;29b-1819b1819;307b-2103b1809b74;42b-1788b186b1529b198;52b-2008b1886b115;51b-2011b209b1802;100;0;1596b-2056b335e0;5b-1765b1525b241b1528b237;549;16;29;0;355;389;6;681b-2036b288b1703;83;254;554b-1971b1780b81;7b-1946b1982b74;16b-2046b244b1610;14b-1809b2001b45;0b-2016b1780b78;11b-1938b249b1802;194;1295b-2006b302b1512;9b-1819b307b1704;71;73;410b-69b171;142b-2143b321b1528b108x-21361e8;83b-1847b211b1529b172x21361;1b-1967b1794b78;2184b-1603b1819x-21361y0z0;198b-2113b308b1703;40;113b-2016b296b1720b35x21361e-8;1b-2066b2031b34e0;2b-2065b2031b34;10b-2070b1844b225;4b-2049b2016b35;1b-2056b1829b226e502;3b-2050b2016b35;91b-2096b2061b36;62b-2067b2031b34;0b-2065b1840b224;359;6;181b-2059b1835b235;2653v110b49;33v0b0;580b-452b227b132;2b-354b223b131;108;404b-1856b1856b39;19;27;2;152;218b-2080b2041b83;27b-2124b2041b83;0b-3569b1430b2056b82;14b-2138b2056b82;1b-2123b2041b83;1b-2124b2041b83;7b-3571b1447b2041b83;0b-2129b1854b274;1b-2123b2041b83;97b-2124b2041b83;9;24b-2139b2056b82;2b-2123b2041b83;198;95b-2124b2041b83;212b-152b171x0e-502;131b-2153b237b1622b293;2b-2157b210b1846b101;2b-2157b237b1819b101;18b-2157b300b1756b101;3b-2112b291b1529b236x0;241;14;103;13;5;137;126;134$

In your case, the optimizer is correct to not include combinations with the legendary helmet – they all simulate as significant DPS losses. The reason is that you don’t have enough T21 items to make a set bonus! You also don’t have enough T20 items to keep a 4-piece bonus if you equip a legendary helmet.

The optimizer is really good at figuring these kinds of cases out – if if you had all the T20 and T21 set items available to you, I bet combos with the legendary helmet would show up. But because you don’t, it’s not a good choice for you at this time.

Yeah it’s funny i figured it out while testing this morning, i have a 2 set bonus but one of them is a helmet which kinda breaks the point. Thanks for the help though! Haha

If you click the relevant slot (so, neck and pants) in the BiB pane, you can lock those legendaries in and the BiB optimiser will show you what to fill your other slots with.

Note: once you’ve locked those slots, you need to click the Save and Update button at top right of the pane.