Legendary Ranking (Affliction Warlock)

Not sure if this belongs in simple Q&A or here.

Why does AMR suggest the 235-ring-Azj’Aqir’s Ring of Perpetual Agony as Mythic BiS?
Why does AMR favor this legendary so much over the Relic of Demonic Synergy (Head) that not only sims higher but also doesnt have a competing slot for M-Denathrius 233 gear?

I dont get why the BiS would favor a ring with no main stat with a worst legendary power over a head slot?

I read the legendary rankings post and understand the principle of crafting the most usuable legendary considering all possible slots but by by the end of mythic progression/farming shouldn’t BiS have this legendary?

Thanks in advance

Someone else also asked about this.

The agony soul shard legendary power is simulating higher than demonic synergy in all the tests I do, therefore our optimizer prefers it. I don’t know for sure why simc gets a different result, but I checked it in our simulator and it seems to be working correctly.

I don’t get why people would think demonic synergy is so good for affliction?

Interesting, thanks for the response. Curious as to why you dont see Demonic Synergy as good for affliction? Sure it’s a boring power but it’s straight up a damage buff that seems to have a pretty high uptime on both your personal and pet damage and is not dependant on the malefic rapture burst window.

Is it possible to cross reference the AMR sim uptime of the buff for both char and pet vs the real life results on warcraftlogs? It could definitely be heard mentality as we are all following what the Discord and SimC results are saying.

Still surprised that with the gap in powers the sim didn’t prefer to go for a 235 headslot with main stat and fill the rest with Denathrius gear.

The stats really aren’t that big a deal for one item - so which slot is picked is fairly minor.

The only thing I can think of is that the RPPM is not shared between pet/master - so maybe I need to adjust it in the simulator. There was no way to really tell without log data, but going through some logs it looks like the RPPM must be independent between pet and master. I’ll make that adjustment and see where it ends up.

Awesome, thanks for looking into this. Looking forward to see where it ends up and if it lines up closer to SimC.


Hi Swol, Any luck modifying the RPPM on Relic of Demonic Synergy to be independent for pet and master?

Did it change anything in the rankings?

It did change the ranking - I believe the site was updated last night.

Relic jumped out a bit ahead of Azj’Aqir - although I think both would be a good choice.