Legendary secondary stats cause a crash on client

Hi there,

When tryin to simulate with manually selected secondary stats on legendaries, (on my case crit and mastery), i’m getting an “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” response or an “The given key ‘178926b15b1006b1022b1079b1081b2285b4217’ was not present in the dictionary.” one.

When i try to sim with default secondary stats (crit and haste) it run without errors.

For replicate the error, this is happening with default MM hunter character also, just need to change the secondary stat on the legendary. I copy here an example report

Client versión 1548.

Have anyone an idea to solve this? i’m doing something wrong?

Thanks in advise, Waxa

I’m working on a fix for this in the next site update.

At this moment, the simulations start and finish but none of the legendaries manually added is simmed (the sim itself discount the combinations with the items, and the report just skip some results (i think the cause can be a negative value in the csv)

Happened with default hunter mm, client versión 1549, this is an example report where i try to add a legendary neck with default secondary stats: 4 combinations, 3 of then on the queue (don’t know the reason), and only 2 results.

Sorry for the troubles, thanks in advise, waxa.

Edit: In adittion, when try a single sim instead a test combination, only can choose a single legendary (for example: select a neck delete the shoulders and leave it empty).