Legion Time Walking M+

Are there plans to add the items from the new Time Walking M+ Dungeons?

If they end up being relevant for content other than timewalking, we will add them.

Apprently we will be able to upgrade them to the current max upgrade item 12/12 for SL MM+ so… i may i guess ?

With the new announcements, we will be able to upgrade our gear from M+ Timewalking all the way to current M+ levels with valor.

Given that it will only be available for 2 weeks it would be nice to get the gear added prior to the event so we can plan what to target.

Yes, they will be upgradeable - but we’ll see if the gear actually ends up being relevant, or if they put in nerfed versions of the items. It might be too fun to have them available as viable items for blizzard’s taste.