Let users use the Servers to Simulate stuff


first of all: I am aware that high server loads cost a lot of money. I am aware that traffic costs alot of money. In short: I know servers can be very very expensive.

However AMR is very convenient when it comes to simulating stuff. I can pick whatever piece I want, with whatever Azerite Combinations and let it calculate. The somewhat issue I strumbeld upon: If you want to simulat a few sets of Azerite Traits, Talents and Trinkets you get to 15-40k easily. If you then want to calculate the best gems/enchants too you are probably somewhere in the Billion area.
In short: my computer was processing the combination list alone for over half an hour and still was not finished.

So raidbots for example have a monthly payment option where you can rise the combinations you want to simulate. And I think it would be a cool feature if AMR Clients could to stuff like that too.
Pay a monthly Price and one is good to go.

Now comes a thing I already know fro Zoopercat: She/He(?) told me once, that you don’t want monthly payment options, which I understand. You can calculate better with a yearly subscription.

So my Idea would be, that People who are already paying the Annual Subscription recieve a little discount on the “Use-Server-To-Calculate-Stuff”-Feature.

I’d be happy for an answer. Is it possible? Could that happen some day? Or is that something you are never going to support?


We’ve thought about this… and it’s not out of the question as something we could provide if people want it.

The thing is, unless you are doing some sort of custom simulation with a custom rotation, boss script, etc - the ranking of gear that the optimizer gives is just as good as doing this huge batch of simulations, since the optimizer’s rankings are all derived from the same simulator you’d be using. It’s hard to convince people of that… even though the math is sound :wink:

If people just want to do their own sims, we could probably set up a pay per use cloud option.

Oh that’s not what I meant sorry. My English isn’t that good that sometimes leads to misunderstandings.

I meant it in a way that people, who don’t possess a good PC can use the servers instead of the client you are offering. The client is using the Computers power which in some cases is not that good.

If people could use the servers for the simulations might be a plus for you.
It is very convenient to compare stuff in AMR, since i can literally search items in the list, with iLvl and everythinf. but my computer for example wasn’t simply strong enough to even process the list of combinations in a reasonable amount of time (over one hour and he still wasn’t done. Not with the simulations, they would probably need another good hours, but only the processing of the combinations)

I understand what you were asking. I’m just saying that our optimizer already picks gear based on simulation results - so running them yourself is unnecessary unless you are doing something custom. You can just skip simulating all together!

I meant the “Test Combinations” section. Where you can select everything and stuff, not the gearing strategy or the best in bag feature.