Leviathan and Kraken Eye Gems

Leviathan Eye and Kraken Eye gems from BFA are currently BiS for many classes but are not currently being considered by the Best in Bags optimizer. Can these gems be added back into the optimizer?

You don’t know what you are asking!!!

JC gems are a running joke for us because they are incredibly complicated to handle in the optimizer for such a small thing in-game. Our developer has a special hatred for JC gems. We almost never say no to a feature request… but I think you might break poor @yellowfive with this one :wink:

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I think this will get hotfixed before you have time to implement it! lol

I’m going to quietly pray for them to get nerfed soon… if they don’t, I’ll add them back in.


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Blizzard has nerfed them!

They are probably about on par with the new secondary stat gems now – you won’t be able to feel the difference whether you use one of these old gems or a new secondary stat gem. So we’ll just ignore them as they give you no real benefit over new gems anymore.

As we go up in tiers of content, secondary stats become relatively stronger than primary stats, so they will only fall further behind.

Thank you Blizzard!

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