Leviathan's Lure Trinket


I’m just wondering if the robot has modelled this trinket correctly, the reason that this trinket seems to be hyped a little bit, but when I check on my AMR profile, it’s not really something that is recommended, so I wondered why that was?

So I ran a simulation, in which I selected the trinket manually (since I don’t own it), and the fight length was: 271s +/-15%, which is 4 and a half minutes (+/- 15%), and the trinket procced 5 times, once in every ~54 seconds.
(sim for reference - https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/dc07218e41754165ae8ae1f5a4ddcdb7)

I took a look at some logs of heroic first boss, and was finding on fights that are of shorter length the trinket was proccing more than the 5 that the simulation was running.


This is a 2min 48 second fight (168 seconds) in which it procced 6 times, which is once every 28 seconds.


This is a 2min 21 second fight (141 seconds) and procced 6 times, which is once every 23.5 seconds.


This is a 4 min 31 second fight (271 seconds) so quite comparable to the simulation in length and it procs 10 times, which is once every ~27 seconds, so about double as much as the simulation.

The trinket has the following text:
Equip: Physical damage to your target.
Dealing damage also cultivates luminous algae on your target, increasing your chance to summon.(https://www.wowhead.com/spell=302773)

I’m wondering if this “Dealing damage also cultivates luminous algae on your target, increasing your chance to summon.” isn’t modelled, where the proc chance is increased?

Would it be possible to investigate if the trinket is modelled correctly?

It looks like the initial data was missing on this trinket, having a look at how it is currently implemented indicates investigation is needed. I know there wasn’t a vendor on the PTR with trinkets so testing could be done, so it will get looked at again. There’s a chance @Swol might need someone to run some tests.

The Wowhead page for it says 2 RPPM and following the links through comes up with this spell.

So hang onto it and check back to see if some target dummy nuking will be requested from you. :slight_smile:

Yeah I wasn’t sure how it would actually work, I can go back and update it now that we have some real game data.

I haven’t quite figured out how this trinket is working yet… the luminous algae gets applied, but the duration it lasts seems inconsistent in logs. I’m not sure what decides how long it lasts…

Ok - thanks, good to know its on the radar. Just thought I’d highlight this as everyone is saying this trinket is so good then I look at my AMR recommendations and its no where near so I get confused :smiley:

@Cluey unfortunately I don’t have the trinket, so cannot contribute to the testing of it.