LFR Set of 2 causes BiB to recommend Brewmaster legendary for WW


Things were going fine until I looted the second LFR Garb of the Grand Upwelling set piece today. After I did, BiB suddenly started recommending that I wear Brewmaster’s Stormstout’s Last Keg instead of Windwalker’s Invoker’s Delight. This may raise my character’s iLvl slightly but I doubt that it can increase my DPS.

Does the math make sense here or is this some sort of bug?

You have it locked to your BM set, so I thought that could be it… so I unlocked all spec’s.

When I re-optimised, it still picked it; you can lock the Hands of your choice, but if the stats on ‘Last Keg’ are more favourable than Invoker’s Delight, the Keg Smash part may be something sub-optimal that can’t be got round.

*Nothing I’ve done to your snapshot will affect what you see.

Looks to me like it’s mostly a stat stick after working in the 2pc bonus. Craft Invoker’s on a different slot and I’m sure it will be used again. Oh, and yes, I think having the 2pc for every pull of M+ would definitely be a dps increase.

I agree with ekstren’s assessment. The 2pc is much more valuable than Invoker’s in that setup.

I see now. This is a matter of favoring the helmet that completes the 2pc, not favoring another legendary over Invoker’s Delight.

Thank you, guys. This makes sense, yes.