Liberator's Might

that is a reason than the buff “Liberator’s Might” did not appears in heal simulation (shaman) but appear to be good for DPS ?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question.

Here is a link to a healing sim with Liberator’s Might equipped:

In the buffs section of the report you can see that Liberator’s Might shows up.

ok thanks i retry my request :Liberator’s Might not show up on my restauration shaman when i perform simulation , but its ok when i am in dps spec

its a problem because crit is the main stat for shaman heal so the result of “optimize” and “best is slot” is probabely wrong for me ,have you got an idea of the problem ?

sorry for bad english

Oh, I think I see what you are talking about.

I don’t have it proc’ing off of heals because it was broken for healers in-game for a really long time. Did they finally fix it?

I’ll have to look back through the hotfix notes and see if they ever did fix the bug. It was barely ever proc’ing for healers, if at all.

tanks for your reply ,i can say than it works and i use it since the season 3 in pve whitout know the reel efficiency compared to another azherite traits configuration