Limit gem suggestions?

AMR is out front and offering to socket gems for my gear that were just introduced in Patch 7.3 such as Quick Lightsphere or Versatile Labradorite. While this is good, my realm doesn’t have jewelcrafters with these recipes yet and I imagine they’ll want a hefty price when they do have them.

How do I limit AMR to using the +150 versions of these gems?

Open up the filters and options (“funnel” icon at top-middle of the page) and set your gem quality setting to Rare, then save.

Not sure if I have updated it yet, but next update will allow the epic jewelcrafter gem to still show up even if it is set to Rare.

Doh, thank you. I keep forgetting that is there. Very useful if I would just remember to check it now and then.

Is there a way to add a filter for 7.3 Epics so that Saber’s Eye gems are still ‘allowed’, but 7.3 ones can be excluded (for now)?

… is this the same thing?

Yeah – setting to “uncommon” will be only green gems, “rare” will be rare+jc gem, “epic” will be all gems.

Is there anyway to just filter out Saber’s Eye gems all together? I have a lot of alts and the JC gems are crazy expensive. I’d rather just use all +150 gems if possible.