Limit of the current simulation for healer?

Hi !

Wanted to bring something up.
I’m currently sitting using BiB at : 459 iLvl when guilds mates average 470 ich and I’m getting blame (looking for a nicer word than blame) for it.

So i tried to compare in sims max iLvl and “BiB”.
I run Mythic raid progression so i increase the difficulty setting.
BiB (MM+2

Max ILvl (MM+2)

Max ILvl (MM+5)

BiB MM+5

We see a tentancy where BiB do select the best “HPS meter” (so BiB do what we ask him to do). Because of corruption i think the result are a bit biais. In the last simulation (BiB MM+5), it’s a wipe, when it’s not for the other one. The result are close one to the other, clearly it’s difficult to chose wich one to use.

So… to summary, guild mates dont like the result from BiB and so i need to change. Maybe AMR could use Swol’s magic to change something up ?

Guild mates litterally “force” me to go iLvl because some guy in a bigger guild say so. Sorry i will have to let AMR down for this one. (Will keep using it for second spec !)

If you want to see more about “me”:

P.S: maybe it’s because the script is “continous dmg” when currently Disci are building for “windows” shot were we ask me to do hight hps on a 15s windows.

Here is the setup i’m gonna use:

I did a bunch of exclusion (all low item corrupted pretty mutch).
We can see i’m very very very cose to the BiB (here).
But i have almost half of the death count… Maybe HPS pure isn’t the solution but death count is too volatile to be use a optimizing function.
What if it was the highest difficulty level compare to the death count ?
Like : this setup can go to this difficulty without having a huge amount of death (10 ?). So this is the best setup you should use in progression ! Or idk. Or i just wait for 9.0 where corruption will not be here xD

Another simulation :
Custom gear with an error margin of 0.1%
BiB with an error margin of 0.1%

That last one made me think about something. What about putting a margin in the setup tab before BiB like 2% over the HPS value. Then be able to select in all the setup viable order by ally death. Maybe having the list like the Tier list you did a while a go. and so we can see and choose what to take ?

I think what we are seeing here is a nuance of the simulator. By default, everyone in the simulation has the same item level as you. People with higher item levels have more stamina, and die less. Comparing a lower ilvl set to a higher ilvl set will always favor the higher ilvl set because of this.

To do a true comparison you need to use the advanced settings and set the item level of your allies to a value that doesn’t change. Here are some examples:

You custom set of gear, ally ilvl forced to 470 + 4 npc damage multiplier:

BiB suggestion, ally ilvl forced to 470, +4 npc damage multiplier:

Note that i used your snapshot for running BiB, but I changed it to allow 39 max corruption - you had it set to 0, which would leave BiB at a disadvantage compared to your custom setup that has 33 corruption on it.

We can see from this that the two sets of gear heal for pretty much the same amount. I would agree that the higher ilvl set is worth using because of the stamina increase - that would be worth considering in the future… some way to find higher ilvl sets that perform almost the same as the current set has value in a real raid setting. We’d do that by somehow giving an actual value to stamina… that is always tricky though.

Yeah i was trying to set it to 0 but id doesn’t change mutch.

Thank for the feed back.
Seems a pretty legit build then.

Let’s try this in few hours ! :stuck_out_tongue: